AKC German Shepherd Breeders in Oklahoma

Have you ever wondered how many AKC German Shepherd breeders there are in Oklahoma?

We all like the idea of having trained German Shepherds and even better if they are AKC (American Kennel Club).


AKC German Shepherd Breeders in Oklahoma

Key take aways

  • There are several AKC German Shepherd breeders in Oklahoma, check them out.
  • All the essentials to have the perfect relationship with your new German Shepherd.
  • The German Shepherd is among the most intelligent dog breeds, although they need training from puppyhood.
  • The Belgian Shepherd has many similarities with the German Shepherd.

Whether from Oklahoma or anywhere else in the world, the decision to get a puppy is very important. We all want the ideal German Shepherd, with whom to share our adventures and accompany us with their affection and protection throughout our lives.

German Shepherds have been extremely popular for many years, being sought after for their behavior, beautiful aesthetics and above all for the affection and protection they have for their owners.

They are playful, sociable and intelligent dogs that have won the hearts of most people. They have a balanced character, it is not a breed dependent on its owner but it does show fidelity and loyalty. It is a breed famous for appearing in movies as well as in series, since these furry dogs have a great facility to be trained.

If you are thinking of getting a German Shepherd puppy but have no idea what to do or who to go to in order to choose the puppy of your dreams, don’t worry. Here are some options of German Shepherd breeders that can help you find the right puppy.

1.- Von der Otto

They are breeders of German Shepherds, from 100% pure German bloodlines, these dogs are world class, with a VA/V (outstanding/excellent) show training qualification.
Once the puppies are born they are treated with care, love and attention. Puppies that are bred at this facility are trained for both show and domestic purposes.


They are very demanding with the training staff and proudly promote the education they give to their dogs, they are dedicated to promoting the health and well being of all their German Shepherds, undergoing a strict health check, ensuring that all puppies are in the best possible health.

This company is regularly inspected by the USDA and ensures that all of their breeders meet their industry-leading standards. They support new owners every step of the way, even after their German Shepherd arrives home.

3.- Miklin Kennels

Miklin Kennels is a small breeder of Belgian Malinois and German Shepherds, specializing in training puppies for sport, police, personal protection or simply for companionship purposes.

All their puppies are AKC registered and family raised as they believe that early socialization helps puppies to be better educated.

4.- Carisa Pastores

https://www.carisashepherds.com/about.htmlThey aim to breed German Shepherd puppies of the highest quality, with great intelligence, beauty, sound mind and bodies.

Their puppies live with them, inside their home and are considered members of the family, they are given daily care from birth until they go to their new homes, they give them a foundation to excel in everything they are asked to do, whether it is obedience, agility, protection or simply excellent family pets.

5.- AKC German Shepherd Breeders in Oklahoma VICRUSS

There is nothing more tender than watching a litter of new lives, with all the puppies’ tails lined up in the air as they cling to their mother’s breast.
When they do this, they are not only creating an emotional bond, it is much more than that. A puppy’s nutrition begins long before pregnancy and continues with mother’s milk; this is the basis for our puppies to have a long and healthy life.

At VicRuss we are dedicated to the breeding and training of German Shepherds from birth until they find their new home, with a strict health control, we work with qualified and certified professionals who pay attention to both the dogs that procreate and the puppies that are born.

Our breeders

Our breeders have the destiny of many puppies in their hands, so we believe it is important to make a breeding program with natural practices so that each puppy has the vitality and health they deserve.

All dogs have all their vaccinations up to date and their internal deworming is done at least every 3 months. Health of our dogs is of utmost importance, as we seek to raise healthy, happy, trained, affectionate, loyal and eager to please their new owners.

All our puppies are considered as members of our family, that is why we ask the future owners to briefly describe their daily routine, this in order to find the ideal puppy that best suits their needs, as each puppy is different and has its own personality.

This way we ensure that the future owner will enjoy his German Shepherd and that he will be happy by his side taking care of him and enjoying his company, we would not like to put an active puppy with a person who is not active, that would not be fair neither for our puppy nor for you.


Where do our puppies come from?

The puppies come from our sire (Texas) and dam (Eleven). They are both AKC registered and so is the whole litter. They are active, playful and very loving puppies, bred to meet the different needs of the future owners.

Many families come to us looking for pets with a special profile, to keep their children company or to reduce their stress level in situations that may be overwhelming. Our German Shepherds can provide social-emotional benefits to adults, youth and children.

The bond between a person and a furry can be an important experience, especially nowadays where “we relate less to others or tend to do it from a distance, through screens”.

That is why we have trained them to be an emotional support in anxiogenic and destabilizing situations, thus helping their new owners to have a better emotional stability.

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