¿How to train a German Shepherd puppy?

Although the breed is noble and very familiar. It has a somewhat peculiar character, so it is very important to know how to train a German Shepherd puppy.

¿How to train a German Shepherd puppy?

Key Takeaways:

  • How to train a German shepherd puppy for guarding and protection?
  • How to potty train a German Shepherd puppy.
  • Know when a German Shepherd puppy stops being a puppy.
  • Differences between male and female German Shepherds.

The ideal time to educate a German Shepherd Dog is when they are puppies. From the age of two months you can start teaching your puppy what is right and what is wrong but, above all, how to socialize.

A correct socialization from an early age will prevent your pet from having fears in the future and, therefore, will prevent him from having behavioral problems. When a German Shepherd is a puppy we must introduce him to all possible stimuli to which he will be exposed throughout his life.

He must relate to other dogs and other people, children, cars, cats, bicycles, anything you can think of. You also have to get him used to handling, that is, touching his paws, ears or tail, so that as an adult he will let you bathe him, cut his nails, comb his hair, take him to the vet without putting up resistance.

A German Shepherd puppy usually has a very strong temperament. They are also very determined, independent, courageous and energetic. They are very territorial and very intelligent. All these characteristics are strengths that we should use to our advantage when it comes to knowing how to train a German Shepherd puppy.

What is required to train a German Shepherd puppy?

First of all, you should know what is required for the training of your pet, here we share with you more information about what you should take into account.

  1. These furry animals have a robust and large physiognomy, so they require spacious places to develop properly.
  2. They are herding animals, so they should be walked frequently.
  3. The feeding of this breed is precise. They should be given dry food to compensate for the energy they spend daily.
  4. It is essential that you use toys and biting objects for training, they are indispensable to educate a German Shepherd puppy.

Behaviors to reinforce to know how to train a German Shepherd puppy

Who is the alpha?

Counteract his pride as a leader, as this may interfere with his obedience. That is to say, from the beginning it is necessary to establish who is the alpha in the relationship. For this there are many techniques: Any activity to be carried out by the dog must first have your authorization.

For example, you eat first and until you give him permission, don’t let him eat, show him that you give the lessons and you are one step ahead of him, always.


Interaction with strangers and other pets is necessary when raising a German Shepherd puppy. This allows eliminating aggressive behaviors and prevents anxiety when they are in front of other people. It is necessary to teach them to live with children, so that they can measure their strength and learn to receive affection from them.

Mealtime aggression

One of the most frequent fears of German Shepherd owners is that they may become aggressive when approaching when they are eating. This is a behavior that can appear and should be avoided.

To achieve this, it is recommended that from puppyhood you try taking his food bowl and petting him. You can also take the food from the dish and give it to him with your hand. This kind of techniques make the animal not distrustful of those who approach him while he is eating.

This breed of dog is quite energetic and for this reason it is necessary to teach them to control their anxiety. It is important to know that anxiety becomes evident in games, when many times they do not measure their strength. That is why you have to teach them the basic lessons of “sit”, “stay”, “lie down”. It will help you to calm him down.

So, how to train a German Shepherd puppy?

Knowing how to raise a German Shepherd puppy is a matter of technique. You don’t need to be an expert to achieve this task successfully. Follow some of our practical tips and make your German Shepherd the best of furry companions:

  • Do not shout, use an appropriate tone of voice. Sowing fear is not favorable for training. Fear only leads to negative behaviors such as stress, depression and aggression. For this reason, always use a moderate tone of voice. Even when you scold him, do it firmly but not abusing the tone.
  • Avoid boredom and anxiety. Genetically these dogs need a lot of physical activity. You should take them for walks and keep them physically active daily. This also avoids boredom, which in turn produces sedentariness and emotional instability, which is fatal for the education of an animal.
  • As with food, a schedule for the lessons should be established. This will also create a habit in the dog that will reinforce its discipline.
  • Even if you want to take on the education of your German Shepherd on your own, it is a good idea to seek the help of an expert. In case you don’t have one, read and research about the subject and the breed.
  • The use of treats as treats should not be missing in training. However, their use should not be abused, since the animal may end up losing interest in them, diminishing their effect. So, when the animal has learned a command, avoid giving it treats every time it complies with it.

Bond with your pet

It is very important to create a bond of respect from the moment your German Shepherd puppy enters your home, love and loyalty with him. For that reason it is important that you make a lot of physical contact with the dog. That you pamper and give affection, every time you can, say nice words and teach them that they are part of your family.

You can teach your puppy any basic command with daily training. Do not do it for more than 15 minutes a day so as not to tire him, use short and clear words. Reward with petting, praise or treats on the spot.

If you want to train a German Shepherd as a working dog, you should contact a professional dog trainer to help you and teach you how to do it.

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