Why we got into breeding

When we were planning and strategizing the move to Oklahoma and living on a ranch, both being “city folks”. Having a dog could be good for security, the search was lengthy and consuming locating a breeder with quality dogs and a great history of this particular breed. Their history and achievements with German Shepherds are impressive with 50 years of dog show winners, activities in Germany, and breeding with a long list of German Shepherds lineage. We were so proud to have located such a breeder and finally our German Shepherd we could call our own.
We thought about how difficult it was for us to find a high-quality German Shepherd and how it must be even harder for others who are searching for a breed that is often utilized in the law enforcement & military, not to mention such a great breed that is affectionate, loyal and great for protection for a person or family and not only great for a business owner. We thought should we invest in becoming a breeder that allows our family and friends to experience having a high-quality German Shepherd in their life’s. We mutually agreed that we should offer a small breeder approach to this that allow family & friends, to experience the joy and security and not to mention a few others to become a part of our breeding family. We knew we didn’t want to become a large puppy mill. We wanted to keep a small personal approach to this and not just keep producing puppies because we can, but allowing our dam(s) to rest and our sire(s) to take breaks from being a studded.
Our approach to German Shepherd breeding will be sensitive and respectful to the animal’s health, and mental/emotional being. We hope to develop a family of German Shepherds that will evolve into a family of mutual German Shepherd owners, that we will consider family.

Food. Love.