Puppy Personality Profile

White, we call Mr. White from “breaking bad” he is so chill. From his early days he has a very relax & chill nature. Out of all of them he would always sit around our feet after his meal and a little puppy play with siblings. When rounding them up or watching their location we find “Mr. White” right by us every time.


Potential Puppy Buyer Profile

The potential owner and partner for life would need to be a person that needs or wants a companion in their life. Someone who’s looking for a buddy or friend that wants to be the only one their pet has eyes for. Someone who’s chill or relax in nature and vibe is showering their pet with lots of attention and love, but allows space for personal thoughts

Agility DOB: March 26, 2022
Sex: Male
Weight: 17 lbs.
Puppy tag/collar: White
Vaccinated: 1st set
Age: 11 weeks old