Puppy Personality Profile

Red has a very curious nature; we often see him watching us or at least his parents to see how or what is being done. He wants to be included and involved like his father as if they can do something to help.


Potential Puppy Buyer Profile

The potential owner and partner for life would need to be very active person/family. You would need to
be a person/family that want their pet to be included in their daily activities. You would need to be engaged
in his life and give him the involvement he was created to received. He has a great hardwire of companionship and one on one relationship. He can get along with all, but it would be nice to see him with someone who has the time for him and develop him for a great companion with others and especially a loyal pet.

Agility DOB: March 26, 2022
Sex: Male
Weight: 18 lbs.
Puppy tag/collar: Red
Vaccinated: 1st set
Age: 11 weeks old