Puppy Personality Profile

Pink has a very “I am the only girl in this band, but I too am equal”. She’s equal in size, aggressiveness and toughness. She’s rumbles with the best of them and she knows how to defend herself. She’s a busy body and she’s curious about what’s going on and yet she’s can be included or chill all by herself.


Potential Puppy Buyer Profile

The potential owner and partner for life would need to be very active person/family. You would need to
be a person/family that want their pet to be included in their daily activities. Someone who will give her, her one-on-one time, but not easily offended if she’s taken a break for herself.
She’s our little Ms. Independent.

Agility DOB: March 26, 2022
Sex: Female
Weight: 16 lbs.
Puppy tag/collar: Pink
Vaccinated: 1st set
Age: 11 weeks old