Puppy Personality Profile

Green has a very adventurous spirit; he wants to go wherever you go and as well sit your feet. He like to know what the plan and he thinks those plans includes him. He’s very bossy toward his siblings and he’s usually the first to bark at his siblings and us we he see’s us drive up or walk up to the kennel for the first time in the morning or if its been a period of time he hasn’t seen us. It’s safe to say, he’s the boss of this group and a leader.


Potential Puppy Buyer Profile

The potential owner and partner for life would need to be very active person/family. You would need to
be a person/family that want their pet to be possessives and protective of you. A person that needs or want a take charge and leads.

Agility DOB: March 26, 2022
Sex: Male
Weight: 19 lbs.
Puppy tag/collar: Green
Vaccinated: 1st set
Age: 11 weeks old